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7-Day (more than just a) Meditation Challenge
Do you struggle managing your mind? Too much negative thinking? Do you find yourself stressed out often? Quick to be angry? Or maybe you're feeling weighed down by depression and anxiety?

If so, let's stop that noise together.
Question and Answer...
Can Meditation Be Enjoyable?
Rob has created a system that is manageable, enjoyable, positive, and fun to get meditation INTO your life so you can experience and enjoy the profound benefits it brings to your mental state, your energy level, and your perspective on your day. 
-Kristin Y
Freedom from Thought
This challenge has definitely leveled up my consciousness and changed the landscape of my days, by teaching me how to be still and stop my thoughts from controlling me. 
-Sarah B
For the Experienced Meditator
This was an incredible look at meditation techniques - I meditate regularly, but found these added views/tips very useful to deepen my practice. 
-Jay R
Think You Can't Meditate?
If you think you can't meditate or that meditating is not fun, I dare you to try Rob Scott's 7 Day Challenge! You deserve to give yourself this gift.
-Kristine G
Shine Brighter
I feel more calm and peace in everyday interactions. It has helped shine my light even brighter. I am so grateful! 
-Kaci D
Find a Meditation Practice that Works for You
For anyone confused by the multitude of meditation techniques out there: try Rob Scott's Back to Breath Challenge. This program makes these myriad concepts accessible by presenting them in bite-sized chunks, helping you discover what works best for you. Immensely valuable.
-Christopher J
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